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Live Blood Analysis

Light & dark field Field Microscopy, and Blood group analysis.

The microscopic analysis of live blood is the most reliable screening technique to uncover possible imbalances – and also to assess the response to treatment. In a few minutes it provides very insightful information about the patient’s biological terrain and indicates where nutritional and natural treatment should be focused.

Conditions commonly observed in live blood include:

  • Digestive disorders?
  • Protein linkage?
  • Acidity Oxidative stress?
  • Toxicity?
  • Degeneration Vitamin deficiencies?
  • Mineral deficiencies Liver stress?
  • Kidney stress?
  • Cholesterol Uric acid Yeast (Candida)?
  • Parasites?
  • Bacteria?
  • Plaque Immune weakness Blood sugar imbalance Heavy metal toxicity?
  • Bowel toxicity? Etc.

The blood doesn’t lie and you will know that!!!

When you are shown the abnormal morphologies in your blood I believe you will be motivated to commit to a treatment program and willing to make the necessary changes in your lifestyle! Dried Layered Blood Analysis is a novel technique used to assess the level of degeneration, toxicity and stress in various organs.

This test enables the practitioner to detect conditions like: heavy metal toxicity, auto-immune conditions, hormonal imbalances, problems with the liver, kidneys, pancreas, thyroid, stomach, bowel, reproductive organs, as well as the possibility of cancer, and much more..


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